Adkins @ 9

Welcome to Adkins @ 9, our campus' morning news station! Morning announcements are shown daily at 8:55 a.m to our campus body. Adkins @ 9 is a live stream and is shown to all staff and students during 1st period classes. 

Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities

*Crew members must meet  by 8:20 a.m. in the library on a daily basis.

                               Lead Anchors- Responsible for leading the morning announcements

 Co-Anchors- Responsible for reading segments of the morning announcements

Script Writers- Prepares the written script for the anchors

Camera- Responsible for recording morning announcements

Sound- Responsible for music clips and sound management 

Here's How, written on a chalkboard

Teachers, please click here for instructions on how to play morning announcements.

Announcements Pin Board

Teachers, do you have any announcements to submit? 
All announcements must be made online using the link below by 8:30 a.m of the morning to be read.

Submit your announcement here: Adkins @ 9 Morning Announcement Form

Please click here for a copy of today's announcements:
Today's Announcements

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Meet Our Team

Team 1:

Director- Sarah Go.

Anchor 1- Sarah Go.

Anchor 2- Sarah Gu.

Sports- Gianna / Levi

Weather/World & Local News- Victoria L.

Camera- Brayden

Sound- Victoria B. 


Team 2:

Director- Meygan

Anchor 1- Leann

Anchor 2- Meygan

Sports- Hunter

Weather/World & Local News- Ronnie

Camera- Giselle

Sound- Jailey

Team 3:

 Director- Victoria B.

Anchor 1- Giselle

Anchor 2- Sarah Go.

Sports- Alexis

Weather/World & Local News- Gianna

Camera- Meygan

Sound- Victoria B


Team 4:

Director- Bobby

Anchor 1- Meygan

Anchor 2- Alexis

Weather- Jailey

Sports- Gianna

Camera- Bobby

Sound- Sara Go.