The mission of CCISD school counselors is to provide a comprehensive developmental guidance and counseling program to students in Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12. We provide appropriate guidance and counseling for the changing social, career, emotional, and academic needs of students including crisis support services. In addition, counselors provide direct services to students to help them manage academic and social needs as well as support the efforts of teachers and parents in promoting self-confidence behavior, academic readiness, social and interpersonal sensitivity and skills, and awareness of academic and future college and career opportunities. School counselors also monitor personal and 4-year graduation plan requirements.

-Mrs. Jennifer Jimenez

Dorothy Adkins Middle School

School Counselor


      Character First Quality of the Month:

              Wisdom VS. Foolishness

 Making practical applications of what is learned.

  I  will:

  • Listen to my parents and teachers

  • Learn from correction

  • Choose my friends carefully

  • Remember there are consequences for all my actions 

  • Ask, "What is the right thing to do?"


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